Kabbalah Coach focuses on what’s really important in your life:

  • Teaching you to identify your life’s ultimate purpose.
  • Helping you rediscover your innate and boundless self confidence.
  • Empowering you to create a grounded and heartfelt inner happiness.
  • Teaching you to manage, reduce and eliminate stress and anxiety.
  • Helping you to experience deeper intimacy and sacredness in your relationships.

Kabbalah Coach is a unique and powerful spiritual life coaching program designed by world recognized Kabbalah expert and long term Spiritual Life Coach, Rabbi Max Ariel Kohanzad.

This unique style of spiritual life coaching takes the whole of you into account, seeing you as a spiritual as well Spiritual Kabbalah Coachingas physical being.

You may be feeling a little less than inspired at the moment. No matter how much money you get, it just doesn’t fill that inner void or numbness inside. You might feel worn down by the stresses of everyday life. You may have lost touch with any real spiritual yearnings or desires.

Kabbalah Coach provides the tools for rapid personal development, with it you’ll discover a wealth of inner-peace, tranquility, contentment. You’ll find greater joy and fulfillment, deeper meaning and motivation in your life.

Calm Peace - With Kabbalah Coaching

Kabbalah Coach empowers you to be in alignment with the deepest meaning of your life. It gives you the tools to discover your path towards genuine success and conscious sacred living.

It activates the ancient secret Tree of Life in the spiritual core of your being. It gives you the ability to change the very fabric of reality, so that you can automatically and effortlessly manifest your own personal heaven on earth.

Kabbalah Coaching is a powerful and effective, one-on-one, tailor-made personal development program which has been designed to help you:

  • Supercharge your confidence

  • Totally eliminate stress and anxiety.

  • Feel deep down happiness and bliss.

  • Deeply enrich every aspect of your life.

  • Inspire you to truly fulfill your life’s purpose.

  • Experience sacredness in your relationships.

Discover Happiness with Kabbalah Coach

Kabbalah Coaching is a fun, deeply enriching program which will totally transform your life! It’s what you’ve been  secretly searching for, all of your life.

It will help you heal the pain and transform your demons. It will help you to embrace the totality of your being. Ultimately, it will help you to allow the infinite divine light to fill your whole being with joy and love.

What people are saying about Kabbalah Coach

“I know it might seem hard to believe, but it’s been the best money I’ve spent in my life!” – Alan, Hampstead

“Contacting Max was the best thing I did last year… it’s the best money I have ever spent!” – Liz, Primrose Hill

“I must have seen a dozen counsellors over the years but it wasn’t until I met Max that my life finally started to turn around.” – Alan, Greater London

“Max reminds me of a wize old man… he just seems to have all the answers! Max is also incredibly funny, sometimes I think he should have been on stage as a comedian!! I’d highly recommend Max to anyone looking to improve something in their life or help with a problem.” – Jonathan, St. Albans

“I cannot recommended Max highly enough, if your looking for some personal guidance, a shoulder to cry on, or something deeper, then give him a try “ at the end of the day you have nothing to loose and everything to gain.”  – George, East London

“I found that each time I visited I felt so much better afterwards. Max is both patient and friendly, and extremely positive …I have found visiting Max extremely useful and would recommend him to anyone.” – Lesley, City of London

I’m dedicated to your happiness!

Just imagine you had someone to help you sort your life out? Someone friendly and professional, helping you to totally transform your self-perception, dispel your self-limiting beliefs, helping you become significantly wealthier, healthier and happier? Wouldn’t that be great?! Someone to help you create the life you want, to help you discover your dreams and make them become reality.

If you’d like some help, expert advice, encouragement and support on your journey, then I’m here, I’ll happily be your coach. I’ll be your guide, mentor and friend on your unique path towards a happier and more fulfilled life, a life where you can become the person you are meant to be, confident, happier, more passionate and motivated.

I work with people just like you, who want to create real long-lasting positive change in their lives! I’m deeply passionate about my work and about giving you the power and tools to start living the life you love!

I want to empower people who are already successful in their own right, become even more successful.  I want to enable you reduce your stress  and discover more balance, happiness and fulfillment in your life.

I want you to achieve as close to 100% satisfaction in every area of your life as possible, I’m so confident in you and my unique coaching strategy that I can guarantee you’ll feel significant and long lasting improvements within just 10 weeks if not sooner!

If you live or work in  Greater London and want to  significantly improve any area of your life then please give me a call or get in touch today and we’ll arrange an initial meeting, and take it from there!

As your Kabbalah Coach, I’ll be your guide, mentor and friend on an amazing and unique journey to greater joy and success.

Price? Invest in Yourself !

What do you get for your money?

  • Be able to deal with stressful situations without getting stressed?
  • Be to learn how to be the most relaxed and naturally confident person in the room?
  • Get that pay rise, or find the courage to change career?
  • Be deeply and truly happy for the next 30 years?
  • Learn how to work less and make more money?
  • Know you’re fulfilling your life’s potential?
  • Have better relationships?

It’s £200 for the initial consultation (1 and 50 mins)

After that the price for the 10 week intensive is just £1,500 for 10 weekly sessions.

Life Enrichment Package – 10 weeks of ongoing support which includes:

  • 10 x 1 hour Face-to-Face at my London City Centre consultancy rooms or via telephone/skype sessions as suits you.
  • Free text and email support between sessions and priority response for a maximum of 3 x 20min emergency sessions throughout the 10 weeks whenever you need it. (Not including Weekends or Bank Holidays).
  • A wide range of powerful and effective coaching tools designed by your coach to use straight away

Payment is usually taken in advance at the beginning of the first or 10, hourly sessions, this can be done via bank transfer, cash or cheque (or 2/3 post dated) or a Standing Order Mandate.

Rabbi Max - The Kabbalah Coach

But the real question is are you ready?

How hungry you are for change? How thirsty you are for deeply inspired, soul nourishing wisdom?  Do you have an unquenchable yearning to discover the secret meaning of
your life?

Do you want to live a life of sacredness, saturated with meaning and purpose?

If you do, then get in touch today!

Change only takes place in the present moment, so if you want change in your life, it needs to happen now! There is no greater time than now. Call me for a chat or to arrange your first Life Coaching consultation session.ThinkRich-Free7c

Text or Phone Mobile: 07877 315 216  or use this contact form.

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